Do you use “exit tickets” in teaching? More and more, I see the benefits of using them.

gif_exitWhat are exit tickets?

Exit tickets are a question(s) you ask at the end of a lesson. It is the student’s “exit” out of the lesson or concept being taught. They are a great way to close your lesson!

Benefits of using exit tickets include:

  • They are a great tool to help you quickly assess student learning.
  • They help give you a target.
  • They help to reinforce the concept one more time.
  • They give students’ ownership of assessing their learning.

Example: You have just taught a lesson on nouns. The exit ticket may be for your student to give an example of a noun.

There are many ways to format this. You could: have a multiple choice question with one answer being the noun, have the students verbally tell you, do a fill in the blank (like a Mad Lib), have each student answer a question as s/he lines up to go out to recess, etc..

Have fun with them, and give it a try! They are a great way to get instant feedback to assess if your lesson was a success.