Students can receive accommodations and/or modifications in school. In America, most students who receive them are either on a 504 Plan (usually related to medical and/or ADHD) or on an IEP (Individualized Education Program).

It is important to understand what these terms mean, and what you are asking for/receiving when your student or child is receiving accommodations or modifications. The major difference between the two is:


  • There is NO fundamental change to the curriculum.


  • These DO alter or lower the curriculum to meet the student’s needs.

Accommodations and modifications can deal with: teaching strategies, testing presentation, location, timing (often extended time), type of response, adjustments to work load, environment, etc.

Examples of accommodations during state testing are: oral presentation (when not testing reading), small group setting, extended time, large print. An example of a modification would be taking an alternate test.

I hope this helps!