My name is Carrie Koftan, and I am a longtime education specialist and learning consultant. My passion is working with people who have different learning styles, particularly those on the autism spectrum. I enjoy training educators, parents and employers on how to understand the characteristics of autism, and the best practices to implement when working with individuals on the spectrum.

You may have noticed that the topic of autism is everywhere. There are movies, televisions and books about people on the spectrum. In part, that’s because the number of people with an autism spectrum disorder is on the rise; currently, 1 in 59 children are being diagnosed.

As an educator, you may feel underprepared or overwhelmed teaching students on the spectrum, particularly if you have not received specialized training or support. You might be wondering how to best effectively support and understand your students on the autism spectrum.

That’s why I am currently offering large- and small-group workshops to school districts and organizations all over the country, as well as one-on-one consultations with educators, parents and others. In my workshops,

 I teach teachers and staff how to understand the characteristics of autism, as well as how to apply strategies to their unique classroom situation.

My overriding goal is to give teachers the tools they need to excel in this situation. This way, they can confidently use the best practices and strategies in their classrooms.

In my workshops, I offer stories that illustrate common challenges in the school setting, including difficulties with communication, social interactions, restricted interests, sensory processing and cognition. I discuss the explanations for these behaviors, and give solutions. Teachers will come away from my workshop with an understanding of how students on the spectrum may differ in their learning styles and educational needs.

A workshop setting also affords the opportunities to ask questions and small-group exercises designed to offer insight into your unique teaching challenges. You’ll receive handouts that summarize key points and teaching tips, as an ongoing support tool.

I am eager to share my knowledge, gained from more than a decade of experience working with students on the spectrum in both a self-contained class and a general-education setting. In addition to my classroom experience, I hold a master’s of science in education with an emphasis in special education.

If you are an administrator or director, you can use my contact form to discuss my services and request pricing. If you are a teacher who is interested in having me talk to your school, or want to schedule a one-on-one consultation, please reach out to me as well.

If you are a parent looking for support or more information about special education services in the public school or ways to support your child’s education, be it a specific learning disability, on the spectrum, etc., I can review your case as a consultant.

If you manage people, or are an employer, your staff would also benefit from my workshops on how to understand the characteristics of autism, and how to work with adults on the spectrum.

For additional answers, you can check out my forthcoming book: The Teacher’s Companion to Understanding Autism, which is a jargon-free playbook you can keep by your side.

In addition to my services on autism, I am also available for book readings of my children’s book, Lavalino Finds His Forever Home, where I discuss the literary elements of writing. Please contact me for more information, and hop on over to my book page to learn more about the book.

Thanks, and I hope to hear from you soon.