Monthly book recommendation:

Born on a Blue Day: Inside the Extraordinary Mind of an Autistic Savant

Written by Daniel Tammet

This book is written by a man from England who is on the autism spectrum and is a savant. The title of the book can throw you off, because “blue” is usually associated with being sad, but that is not what the author, Daniel Tammet, is referring to. Tammet actually sees numbers and words in color, shapes, and different textures, and with this ability, he is able to do amazing figures in his head.

I always find savant abilities fascinating, but what I really appreciate about this book are the explanations Tammet gives for certain behaviors that are often associated with people on the spectrum. For example, he explains why he walked around the perimeter of the playground as a child, something I have observed as a teacher. He explains that he did not want to get bumped or hit with the ball. He talks about sensory issues and perfectionism, other traits I have observed. I am always so appreciative of insight from a person who is on the spectrum because people do have different experiences of the world based on sensory input and neurological makeup.

I highly recommend this book!