BingoOkay, so I have just about every Bingo you can buy: addition/subtraction, sight word, weather, preposition, time, famous landmark Bingo, etc.

Why do I love Bingo? Because it is a fun way for kids to learn, and because the way we play it is fun.

How to make Bingo fun:

The main way to make Bingo fun is to let a student be the Bingo caller. Before I had a Smart Board, I used the old fashioned overhead projector; both work fine. The student gets to write the word or math problem down and then call it out. For math, the Bingo caller also gets to call on a student for the answer, and students love to call on other students like they are the teacher.

I keep track of who has been a Bingo caller to make sure everyone gets a turn. The winner of Bingo gets to be the next Bingo caller if they haven’t had a turn.

It is a great afternoon activity to reinforce those skills you’ve been teaching, and making your own Bingo cards is pretty easy too if you want to focus on a specific skill.