Why make predictions about a story?

Making predictions is a great way to assess and teach reading comprehension, as well as engage students in a story. Either read aloud to your students/children or have students read the beginning portion of a story. Be sure to go over the story title, beginning chapter titles, pictures, key vocabulary, etc.

After reading/doing the above, have students make predictions about the story–based on what they have already heard, read, or seen. The predictions do not need to be correct, but they should be logical. Any prediction based on the story should be affirmed as a great prediction!

As always, guide students through for the first few times when introducing a new concept. I recommend doing this as a whole class together or in small guided groups. For the worksheet below, choose the amount of pages you or the student reads that is right for the size of the book–enough to get to a point where you can make a prediction.

(I also ask students to write complete sentences as kids really need a lot of practice with this. You can give them beginning sentence ideas such as, “I predict,”  “I think,” or “My prediction is” to help guide them in writing complete sentences.)

Click here to download: Making Predictions Freebie

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