Combine art with science! I have done this fun idea many times, and the students love it! Students get to see seeds grow inside their “pumpkin”!

Download the free worksheet here: Free Pumpkin Art

Free Pumpkin Art-1

You will need zip lock baggies, wet paper towels, and pumpkin seeds (or some sort of squash variety). Saturate the paper towel with water and add a couple seeds on top; don’t seal the bag to allow airflow. In about a week, the seeds will start to sprout and grow. I staple the pumpkins up on a bulletin board. Each day, your students will love to enter class and see how their seeds are growing. (In case you have a few seeds that don’t sprout, grow some extras on the side and trade out the seeds.) I hope you try this, and combine it with a fun lesson on plants! You can see one of my seeds is starting to sprout!