There is something satisfying when your child or students begin to read CVC words; they feel good about reading!

CVC words are words that have a consonant-vowel-consonant sound pattern. Some examples of CVC words are: cat, jet, hit, pot, but. These words can be sounded out and blended (sounds /j/, /e/, /t/, and then blended together to make “jet”).

It is good idea to get a really solid foundation for your child when teaching CVC words. Sounding out these words is the building block of future reading. Also, it is helpful if your child knows the most common sight words to facilitate reading simple stories.

I have designed a unit on CVC words and the most common high frequency sight words. Some students need more time at this phase than the first grade curriculum allows. If you decide to purchase the unit, I hope you find the materials helpful, and I welcome any feedback.

My units are primarily in black and white so as to be printer and user friendly. Click on my Teacher Store button to view my items.