jpg_circle-blue-check-1Some of you have already been teaching for a few weeks(like me), and/or your kids are back in school. Others have just started after Labor Day.

The first few weeks of school are very time consuming, and set the pace for the rest of the year.

Here are some priorities:

  • Review classroom rules (daily).
  • Get to know your students (I love doing an “All About Me” paper with each of my students. Here is a free All About Me worksheet!)
  • Get baselines for your students levels. Each district has different criteria for testing. (For a really simple way to get your students’ or child’s reading ability, try the San Diego Quick.)
  • For students on IEPs (Individualized Education Program), review: student levels, goals, accommodations, modifications, and any other pertinent information. Even if you are not the student’s special education teacher, you should know this!
  • Set up small groups for instruction, based on student needs.

This is  how I spend my first few weeks of school. Once I have this organized, the rest of the year runs much smoother. I hope you are all off to a great start!