I am an education specialist and author who helps empower those who work with students. I am available to help teachers and parents with my consulting services, workshops, books and other resources, including my teacher store.

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Book Announcement! Lavalino Finds His Forever Home

As an educator, I’ve always tried to teach my students the importance of persistence in following your life dreams. This last year, I have been purposefully trying to practice what I teach, as I have been working diligently on my first book. I am super excited to let...

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Involving Multiple Modalitities in Teaching

One of the questions I like to ask parents at the beginning of the school year is: "How does feel your child best learns?" The choices are: auditory, visual, kinesthetic, multiple modalities. I ask this question because if you have a dominant learning style, it is...

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Sharing YouTube Videos Safely

There are some great educational YouTube videos on the internet, but perhaps you are worried an unseemly political ad will pop up during your presentation. Not to worry! This summer I took a technology course for educators, and learned how to safely share...

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An Organized Teacher

  When I was in graduate school, during my first couple years of teaching, a professors said, "An organized teacher is a good teacher." For some reason, this statement really stuck with me. Now, nearly fifteen years later, I can truly appreciate her meaning. To be...

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Monday Mornings: Proverbs, Quotes, and More

Please bear with me as I get my new site up and running. I still need to add all my archives, and am unable to post pictures right now. I am trusting that it will be worked out soon! Have a great week as we enter into this last fun phase of the school year! "Nothing...

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