My Store

My store is on TeachersPayTeachers, a website for teachers to sell their work. My store is designed with reading and writing in mind. It contains materials to teach reading, with an emphasis on phonics, repetition and generalization; it is meant to give teachers and parents the extra resources they need for teaching and reinforcing phonic skills. It also weaves in the most commonly used sight words for improved fluency.

I am an experienced elementary teacher with a Master’s of Science in Education. I have taught many children to read. I hope you find the materials useful!

You do have to set up a free account to download items; it is very simple, only create a name and password. There are thousands of items (many free) on TeachersPayTeachers, so it is well worth the bother.

I wish I had more time to create units, but I think the ones I have created have been well thought out and target key concepts.

If you download a freebie or unit–I appreciate a four star rating!

My store link: Carrie’s Store