San Diego Quick

The San Diego Quick Assessment (SDQA) is a very easy reading assessment you can give your student or child to determine his/her reading level.

You simply show your child a list of ten words and ask him/her to read them. You start with a list you know your child can read fluently (or at the beginning if you are unsure). The child reads the words and then moves on to the next list you show him/her. Once your child has missed three words in one list, you stop. The level where your child missed two words is his/her instructional level. That is the level where you want to teach your child.

This assessment was designed by M. LaPray and R. Ross (1969); it is un-copyrighted, and independent research has shown the SDQA to be a reliable test.

I have labeled the lists one through thirteen. I have not put the grade level on the lists you give to your student/child. I do this intentionally so that your child does not know what level s/he is reading.  Refer to the record form to see what level you are giving.

Enjoy this free download of the San Diego Quick Assessment.


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