Spelling Practice Sheets

My spelling practice worksheets were getting a little shabby (having been photocopied repeatedly), so I decided to make some new ones.

These are designed for 15 words or less. The packet includes one page for: writing each word three times, putting words in ABC order, using the words to write sentences, a pre-test, and a test page.

While these practice sheets can be helpful, what really matters is that you review the spelling patterns. Also, if there are new vocabulary words, the best way to help your child/students learn those is by using the words in context.

Free download: Spelling Practice Worksheets



Parts of a Narrative

Here are two FREE graphic organizers for teaching the parts of a narrative/story.

Your child/students will benefit from practicing identifying the parts of a narrative. This will help:

  • improve reading comprehension
  • teach story genre
  • lay the foundation for writing a story

Download: Parts of a Story Bear   Parts of a Story Flow Chart