Monday Mornings: Proverbs, Quotes, and More


“In summer, the song sings itself.” —William Carlos Williams

Most of us are either finishing up the school year, or have finished! Time to recoup and enjoy our summer break!

Do you have any fun summer projects? Mine are: work on a book I am writing, write material for my blog (now that I have the time), create a vegetable garden, and sort through my closets (fun, fun!). Let’s have a great, relaxing summer!

What Parents Want

jpg_4289-Owl-Teacher-Cartoon-Character-With-A-Pointer-2I have been doing some spring cleaning, going through old boxes, looking at articles I have saved. I came across one from the 90’s titled, “What Parents Want from Teachers,” written by Dorothy Rich.

The results of parents who were surveyed is not too surprising to me, but I thought I would share what matters most to parents:

  • Does this teacher appear to enjoy teaching and believe in what he or she does in school?
  • Does this teacher set high expectations and help children reach them?
  • Does the teacher know the subject matter of the class and how to teach it?
  • Does the teacher create a safe classroom where children are encouraged to pay attention, participate in class, and learn?

The #1 thing parents want is a happy teacher!

Hope this helps!