Reading Fluency Target Levels

gif_2726-Elementary-School-Design-Books-And-Apple (1)Fluency in reading refers to one’s pace and accuracy. As a student matures in his/her reading level, fluency should also increase.

Here are some approximate guidelines for fluency rates for the end of the year:

1st Grade: 70-90 CWPM

2nd Grade: 80-100 CWMP

3rd Grade: 100-120 CWPM

4th Grade: 110-130 CWPM

5th Grade: 120-140 CWPM

(CWPM- correct words per minute.) This is based on grade level texts.

Checking Reading Levels

It is testing time! Fall, winter, and spring are great times to check reading progress.

In the fall, we get a baseline (where the student is functioning) for the beginning of the school year.

gif_snowflake001_bwIn winter, we get to see if all that great teaching we are doing is working and the kids are making good progress! If insufficient progress is being made, we need to reevaluate our teaching strategies, look to increase support, and possibly add a supplemental program.

In the spring, we get a snapshot of the year’s growth.

I have had some questions lately about frustration, instructional, and independent reading levels. Here is a guide to understanding the levels:

  • Independent: 95% success (no more than 1 in 20 words difficult)
  • Instructional: 90% success (1 in 10 words difficult)
  • Frustration: <90% success (more than 1 in 10 words difficult)

Teach at the instructional level, but have students pick books from the library at the independent level. (See my post on Lexile numbers for picking the right level.)

Parents, if you do not know your child’s reading level, get this from his/her teacher!

Happy New Year’s!

Happy New Year’s to all, and Why So Special has turned one!

chocolate lady(Yes, that carving is made out of chocolate and displayed at the Bellagio Hotel!)

It is hard to believe a year has gone by since I started the blog. I am very thankful to all who visit regularly, and hope that the information here has been helpful.

I’ve updated one of my first posts, that includes a New Year’s freebie on writing resolutions. Hope this helps! Link to updated Freebie