Writing Sentences Using Dolch Nouns

I have created a new unit on writing sentences that is on my teacher store (price $4.50).

I love this unit because it covers more than one skill. Dr. Dolch compiled the most commonly used nouns in children’s literature, and that is what I have based my unit on. Students read and write using a new noun with each worksheet. As there are 95 nouns, I have created 95 worksheets–enough for an entire school year!

Writing is a skill, and it needs to be practiced regularly. There is a big difference between dictating a good sentence, and actually writing one. These sheets focus on writing sentences, and then editing them. It is a simple concept, but if students practice writing on a regular basis, they will really start to improve and be more conscientious of the process. This should also help students when it comes to the short constructed response portion on state testing–an area where students often fall short.

Hop on over to my store if you are interested!

Sentence Unit on Teachers Notebook

Sentence Unit on Teachers Pay Teachers

Sentence 1 The Grass-1


Free Thanksgiving Concept Map!

I love the month of November, Thanksgiving, and all the fun activities and crafts you can do surrounding the holiday.

Here is a fun, free concept map I created to help with writing about the meaning of Thanksgiving. Students then use these maps to help write a paragraph about the topic. I recommend reading a story about Thanksgiving and brainstorming as a class first.

Concept maps are an especially good tool for visual learners. I hope this helps!

Download here: Thanksgiving concept map freebie

Thanksgiving concept map freebie-1



The Importance of Pre-teaching Vocabulary

In order to be independent readers, students must understand 98% of what they are reading. When introducing a next text or concept, it is important to pre-teach key vocabulary.

I made up an example to illustrate. Read the sentence below and see how much you understand.

Emma sought a quiet phrontistery in the abaft. She felt a sense of the acatalepsy regarding the situation in which she found herself.


So… How did you do? Were you able to use context to understand the vocabulary? I am guessing context would not be enough, even if these sentences are embedded in a larger paragraph.

We put our students in the same situation. We encourage them to use the pictures and the context (great strategies), but often, they also need to be taught the words.

Here is the translation using a simpler vocabulary:

Emma sought a quiet place to think at the back of the ship. She felt a sense of uncertainty regarding the situation in which she found herself.

I hope this illustration helps to convey the importance of pre-teaching vocabulary!